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    What Causes Strength Loss After A Cycle?

    What causes strength to decline so fast after a cycle? It's as though most who use clomid are maintaining more muscle gains than stregth gains after their cycle is over. It looks to me like if we keep the muscle the strength should stay as well???????

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    How much AAs are we talking about


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    It is my thought that just as your strength increased when you started your cycle, it would decrease when you stopped. The function or result of taking many of the substances we use in these role playing stories give us an increase in strength as well as mass. Once the levels of these substances in our systems decline we expect to lose some of the mass gained. It would also make sense that we would lose some of the strength associated with the use of these drugs. If you kept all of the strength gained, after a few cycles you would have possibly doubled your max!

    Hope this makes sense. I just got back from the gym (leg day) and I'm still a little light-headed!


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    well, strength is caused by androgens, muscle is caused by test mainly.

    androgens does not = muscle

    when cycling, ur androgens skyrocket, so ur strength goes up, when ur off and test is back, muscle can stay but androgens drop, strength should decrease that much if u try to stay strong. after the cycle u need to use the same weight and get a spotter to help u. and u need to not work out as much if u did 4 days a week, drop it to 2, and up ur protein i think. try and use heavy weights and do like 3 reps like a power lifter for strength.

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