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    hydroxycut and xenandrine.. dangerous??

    i know this is a stupid question but id just like to hear all your opinions on ephedrine free weight loss products. since they stimilate your heart and cause rapid heart beats even tho they dont contain ephedrine. i done soo many cycles of hydroxycut and loved it. but im kinda getting paranoid to use it again since lack of sleep and rapid heart beats. has anyone died from the use of hydroxycut or xenandrine? dangerous or no??? feed back please sorry im emberessed lol after all im asking a question newbies ask but trust me i know better lol.just wanna hear all your opinions lol dont flame me.

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    yes bro, ppl have died from the use of thermogenic products...or should i say over use.

    if your heart and bp are normal/healthy, then it should be ok. if someone has an existing heart condition, then this will undoubtably cause some problems.

    ppl have died from their use, but these are typically ppl who had pre-existing heart conditions, or prolonged and severe overuse.

    i have had some scary experiences on thermo's...but mainly ones with ephedrine...still...i'd just approach their use cautiously.

    good luck

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    Like anything else you put in your body, you have to listen to your body. If you feel weird, don't take it. If it makes you sick, stay away from it. What all these law makers don't understand is that everyone reacts differently to everything.

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