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    Dbol/Test/Deca Projected gains--- Some input please

    I'm counting down the days until I start my first cycle. One week to go. I look at the results some have achieved with similar cycles and its absolutely amazing. I was hoping for some input on what kind of gains I can hope to expect with a solid diet and intense training. This is my first cycle so receptors are fresh!

    DBol : Weeks 1-4 30mg ed
    Deca : Weeks 1-10 400mg /w (1/2 mon 1/2 thur)
    Test E: Weeks 1-12 500mg/w (1/2 mon 1/2 thur)
    Proviron : 50 mg ed
    Clomid: Week 15+ 300/100/50
    Nolva: 30 tabs on hand

    Injection Schedule: 3cc Quad Shot (Left) Mon - 23g 1 1/2
    3cc Quad Shot (Right) Thur- 23g 1 1/2

    Current stats: Age:21 height: 5' 10" weight: 208
    Chest: 47"
    Bicep: 16"
    Fore: 13 1/4"
    Quad: 24"
    Calf: 16"

    Is it unheard of to put an inch on bi's during a cycle. Thanks everyone.

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    As you know, you gains will depend on your diet and training. Im sure youll put on mass, whether its quality or not will be up to you. Good luck, dont think i answered much for you, but i really dont know what you think we can tell you.

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    Bro it's your first cycle, but the amount of juice your doing wouldn't have anything to do with fresh receptors. Because you're going to over flood them with AAS which would up the possibility of side effects, not the possible amount of muscle.

    At 21 I'd say wait another 2 years at least, if your juicing because you think you've hit a plateau, I'd rethink that. If your not making solid gains now, juice isn't going to make you eat a better diet.

    Bro I hope things work out for you. Think about this, fresh receptor will allow to use less juice with maximum results. You may gain more weight with the cycle you listed, but it'll be lots of water. You'll lose the water then you be down to where you would of been or close to, if you would of used 350-500mg of test a week.

    Your cycle's a good third cycle, don't try an obtain all your goals in one cycle. Everyone's different so you may have read of Bros having good results with this cycle, but you may not. Go slow Bro, make the gains your body will allow with 300-500mg of AAS a week, now if you want to split that 300-500mg into 2 drugs you could. Then add a drug or up it if you split you first dose between 2 drugs make the gains you can then up the dose or add an oral.

    This way will have the least side effects and a higher percentage of keepable gains.


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    My cycle looks the way it does because of direct input from senior members. I was told, "you only get one chance at a 1st cycle." When I suggested lower doses of test or less drugs in a stack I was told that I might as well not use them at all because such small doses won't result in significant gains. (ie. no less than double your body weight in deca and no less than 500mg test for 10-12 weeks). Don't get me wrong JohnnyB, I appreciate your input. I'm just trying to explain my cycle. I realize the importance of nutrition. My diet has been strong for the past year and I plan to refine it to be even stronger during my cycle. I currently avg over 300g protein a day both from whey, MRP, and whole foods. I plan to increase protein intake to 350 or more during my cycle. I will be posting for help with my diet throughout the rest of the week. I am making solid gains now. I just decided to take the next step that so many on this board have decided to take. I was just hoping to hear some success stories w/ some actual measurement increases in relation to a cycle but the more comments/criticism the better. Although my gear is already on the way, if you seriously believe I would be better off reducing my first cycle I would still consider it.

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