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    enhantate possible when cutting?

    Quick question.
    About currently 6'3, 220-230, 9%bf. Have done 2 cycles in the past and looking into my third for the summer. I have access to QV products yet hated the results with their enhantate. Was thinking about running prop for 10-12 weeks at 100 mgs eod along with fina or eq. I am debating running any QV ever again bc i have done human grade (organon) in my prior cycle and gained a shit load more off of it. But is it possible to cut while taking an enhantate such as icn's? I have arimidex on hand so i could use that for the bloat. But i wanted to do prop bc of the less water retention. Can i still stay on my no carb diet and take enhantate and continue to stay get lean?
    Alot of info for a lil question...but i dont want to take enhantate and get all bloated. So should i go with the qv prop or the icns for my test? Most likely i will fun fina the last 8 weeks at 150 eod.
    thanks in advance
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    Throw in some l-dex and it should keep the bloat down. If your gonna run the fina, get the prop and shoot 'em together.


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