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    Question bit of advice please

    Hi guys/gals,
    stats-training off/on 10 years,195 pounds,10%bodyfat,have done appr. 10 cycles (no idea what i was doing)but you live and learn.26 years old.
    basiccly i am from south africa and currently beggining course to bulk during our winter season.
    week 1-3 d.bol 25mg per day(3 tabs morning 2 tabs lunch time)
    week 1-10 deca 200mg per week (monday and thursday injections)
    week 1-12 sust 500mg per week (monday and thursday injections)
    1.should i bump deca up to 400mg per week? i correct to stop the deca at 10 weeks?
    3.i only have access to nolvadex which i have on hand,is that okay for post cycle therapy ?(20mg strength)
    4.2 days in and nipples already sensitive worried about running nolvadex now because of the affect on gains,should i take 1/2 tab till goes away?
    5.I know you should take off the same amount of time as you are on but would like to start cutting what would be a safe ish off time till i can start a cutting cycle?
    6.any suggestions on a good cutting cycle i can research for that quality look?
    sorry about so many questions,any advice would be welcome.

    i will not tip toe through life only to arrive safely at death.

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    1. Yes...I would if I were you

    2. You could stop deca and sust at 10 weeks if you wanted..deca will stay active for about 3 weeks after last shot, sust will stay active for about 2 weeks after last shot. So clomid therapy should begin on week 13.

    3. I would try very hard to get some clomid for post therapy, save the nolva in case their are signs of aromitization.

    4. 10-20mg/day should help keep things at bay.

    5. That is the rule, but many have bent this rule and/or blatently ignored it. I like the time off = time on rule because it alllows my receptors to recharge as well as allows my body to start producing everything naturally again. That way when the next cycle starts, the results are more noticable.

    6. winstrol /EQ/tren /clen /T3

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    thanks,i appreciate the fast reply,i will bump the deca to 400mg. and try my damdest to get hold of more question if you dont mind,i was thinking of running the deca to 10 weeks then starting winny at 50mg every other day at week 10 till week 15.ending sust at week 12(i hope that makes sense)to assist a cutting phase and harden up,how would i go about the clomid post therapy?when to start,how many tabs per day,etc.much appreciated.

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