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    Slight GYNO.... Treatable with Clomid ?

    OK.... Here is the deal... My cycle of Prop and Fina ended on saturday... will start clomid tomorrow. I have a little extra, so i plan to run it a little heavier for the first couple of days....

    anyway about the last week of my cycle i noticed some signs of gyno.... mainly a little puffiness of my nipples... maybe slightly more sensitive, but nothing huge..... as it stands now my right one is just a little puffy looking.... and my left is the same but with a tiny lump..... What i am wondering is since i am now off... will the lack of juice in the system + clomid clear up the problem, or will I need to grab some arimidex ??

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    Nolva is great and less expensive... clomid is very weak anti estro so I suggest you get something else like aridimex or nolva.


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    Same problem here after my cycle. I was told to grab nolvadex and did. I Started with 80mg day 1, 60 mg day 2 & 3, 40 mg day till it was gone. That was 15 days ago and it has pretty much subsided but can still feel a little bit of a lump but it's not as solid as before. i figure another 2 weeks and I should be back to normal.

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    use nolva for 40mg for the first 6 days and them 20 mg ED till tyou see some results on the nips.Good luck

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    As long as it isn't full blown gyno, nolvadex or arimidex should get rid of it...

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