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    keep bloat down?

    Hey guys I'm about to start a cycle that looks like this...
    Sust250@500mg wks 1-8
    Winny @50mg eod wks 5-10
    My only problem is that I don't want my face to get all puffy like it did last time I did a sust cycle. I don't want that fat look that makes it obvious that I'm on something is what I'm saying. Is there anything other than proviron /nolvadex /arimidex that I could take that could keep the bloat down? Anything OVER THE COUNTER? Will the winny be enough to keep it down with a strict diet? I know a lot of people say to drink over a gallon of water a day but last time I did that and I still ballooned.

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    There is not much over the counter that will help with bloat. Get some liquidex or liquid femara on the net, there is a ton of sites that sell it. 30ml costs anywhere from $70-$100. Do a web search, it is easy to find.

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    keeping a low sodium intake will also keep the bloat down. If this is your 2nd cycle then you may wish to consider extending the sust to 10 weeks and running the winny week 7-12.

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