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    Qv Stanol 50mg/ml

    I can't stop wondering so I'm gonna ask. How are you suppose to feel off of the winny? I reallly don't recall feeling any pumps or strength gains the last 6 weeks of my cycle. I spot injected into pecs everyday and didn't really notice anything. I know for a fact that it was legit gear because I looked at their site and it confirmed the batch and date.

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    What did your cycle look like? More importantly, what did your diet look like?

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    First cycle was:

    Dbol 25mg/d wks 1-6
    Omnadren 250 500mg/wk wks 1-12
    Eq 400mg/wk wks 1-12
    Winny depot 50mg ED wks 8-13
    Ldex .25 mg ED wks 1-16
    Clomid 100mg/ED wk14
    75mg/ED wk15
    50mg/ED wk 16

    Clean diet. Low carbs high protein.

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    That is a fairly heavy cycle that you are on. you probably wouldn't notice too much from the dbol with everything else you are taking. Winny is good for strengh gains and vascularity/hardness....

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