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    this whole fake gear deal..

    is making me soooooo motherfucking sick. i just found my cyctahoh's are fake.. ampules are not even some are a lil longer then others some are a little over filled by a pinch i had to scratch the papers off 2 ampules to compare oil levels. one ampule you can easily remove the paper it was kinda loose. thats the fucking end for me fuck gear fuck scammers fuck fuck it all!!!! im seriously soo pissed outta my mind i feel like fuckin shoving them up my source's ass. thing is h called him hes like noo man the gear is real people are making gains off it yadda yadda. maybe they are too fucking good to identify that he couldnt tell they were fake and just sold em off to me. motherfucking bikers have alot of fucking time in their hands making those cycatohs exactly like the original ones. FUCK GEAR!!! FUCK SCAMMERS!! AND IF YOU ARE DONE WITH SCAMMERS FUCK YOU TOO MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!

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    hey joey tell us how you really feel!lol i agree scammers a fuckin punk bitches!

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