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Thread: Sus/Deca/Primo

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    Hello everyone, this will be my first cycle and I was going to do deca /primo combo but i fell into 16 amps of nile-Sus. I have been doing tons of research on what kind of AS to do the first time and I have seen over 300 different ways to do this stuff. Here is what I have right now and would like to here some of your feedback on what to do:

    16 amps - 250 Sus
    8 amps - 100 Primo Depot
    5 amps - 250 Deca Dur

    I am currently 200 lbs and fairly fit, but wanted to do this cycle more for looks then for strength. I was orginaly going to try to gain some muscle but wanted to cut up more than anything. Should I dump the Sus and get more Deca and primo? I have been looking at alot of threads here about Sus and now I am getting scared of getting bitch tits. Will 16 250/Sus give me bitch tits? Thanks for the feedback.

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    No on the bt's if your not prone to gyno. Bro I'd drop the deca and primo you don't have enough of either. Do a test only cycle, you can go 2 ways 500mg for 8 weeks or 350mg for 10 weeks. the 8 week cycle, you'll be stopping just a few weeks after blood levels stabilize. With the 10 week cycle you'll have level blood concentration for a longer time. Since this is your first you receptors are fresh so you don't need to stack. The more gear you use will only cause unwanted side effects.


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    Get rid of the primo and deca and get 2 more amps of Sust

    500/wk 10wks your set

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    Should I be splitting the 500mg into EOD? I have been reading many threads that say to split the sust this way.

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