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    need help with possible cycle

    i am 20 years old 6'2" 175 pounds 10% bf and have been lifting seriously for a year. I have been taking protein for a while now and even tried the new no2 supplement and have not seen any gains. I have gained alot of strength but mass is hard for me. I am looking for something very small scale maybe 5-10 pounds but safe also. One thing i am worried about is stunting any possible growth i have left in me. If you have any input please help. I was thinking about a short dbol cycle but was told its bullshit. please help...

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    Stay away from gear right now! You probably aren't growing because your diet is lacking I imagine. Post your diet plan in the diet section and give all your specs and goals. You should then get an idea as to what you should work on. Stay away from gear, because it can stunt any growth that you have left in you.

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