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Thread: Tren

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    Question Tren

    I was just wondering what a good thing would be to stack with tren .
    I was also wondering if any of you guys have heard about Tren 75 from HMP pharmeceuticals

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    About anything really.

    Youll hear people say not with deca , but if you keep your total dose between the two under 1000, run some dostinex, and already know your not too sensitive from progesteronic things then Id say you are just fine.



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    Never heard of make it yourself

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    I think it would add some good qualities to the Deca seeing how they are chemically similar (19-Nor's) but rate much different on the anabolic -androgenic properties. Personally I could see it getting used well to jump a Deca cycle.

    I also agree that the total Deca/Tren per week should be well under a gram and the user should know they are not prone to the evils of progesterone. And if stacking the two - a good non 19-Nor should be added (like testosterone ) to keep the soldier standing at attention.

    I could see somenthing like this adding a lot of size and strength for a basic cycle:

    Weeks 1-10, Deca 400mg/wk
    Weeks 1-10, Test Enanthate 500mg/wk
    Weeks 1-7, Trenbolone 75mg ED
    Weeks 8-12, Winstrol 75mg ED

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