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    How do I run Clen and T3?

    Hey guys...I am looking to cut down for a change, and want to know how to run clen and T3. How many weeks are suggested, and at what doses? Thanks guys!

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    there's some good info in the educational forums on how to run t3. For clen , some people like 2 days on/2 off, and others like 2 weeks on/off.

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    If you search the board i used to mod, i posted a research experiment i did without tapering clen that worked out good, to break it down simply it was 3 weeks of clen and t3 tapering both up to my tolerable dose wich was 6 tabs per day of clen, then i stopped and used other stimulants to taper down the following weeks but i continued the T3 with other stimulants gradualy tapered down t3 then gradualy tapered other stims, i used a serries of yohcl and caffiene to come off

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