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    my 3rd little cycle

    hi guys i wil be running a 3rd cycle my first cycle was dbol /deca (20mg dbol ed and 200mg deca ) 2nd cycle was dbol/test(25mg dbol ed,500mg test enan) and i will do a dbol/sust cycle like :
    week 1-4:40mg dbol ed
    week 1-10:750mg sust
    week 1-10:20mg nolvadex or 50 mg proviron ed
    week 13: clomid therapy

    so what do u think about this cycle oh and do u advise me to use proviron or nolva during the cycle i have them both plus i have a tons of proviron in hand

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    Ive used both nolv and proviron with great results. I am not sensitive to gyno, so i got away with running nolv 10mg ed with proviron 25mg ed all up until clomid.

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    i think you should add eq and youll have a good cycle, extend it to 12 weeks....for sure run the proviron all the way through...Madmax

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