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    Arrow genetic limits.....

    does anybody think once u reach a certain point u cannot grow anymore even if u do steroids ??? both my parents are small (dad- 6'0 about 175) (mom-5'7 about 120) and i just seem like i cannot get any bigger. am i destined to be stuck at 175 my whole life being thats about what my parents are at??? im curently running a aratest cycle at 625mg a week and my results have been about 15 pounds up on bench over about a 5 week period which is not exactly something to brag about. also, my diet is good, im starting to feel that my body is done growing and to do more steroids is pointless. can i get some opininons on this subject?? btw im 21 and this is my 2nd cycle....
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    no such thing if you truely know what you are doing

    myself, and many others that i have personally trained have easily gone over 100lbs past their family average...some with very little AAS

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    I believe that it is your age (21) along with your high metabolism (inherited through your fathers's genes) that is keeping you at a lighter weight than you would like. If that is you in your Avatar you seem to look like a lean person. All that you mentioned in your thread is that yous diet is "good". Maybe your idea of diet is falling short of making gains. After I turned 22-23 I started to put more muscle on as my metabolism slowed and didnt not burn off my muscle gains. Both of my parents are slim. My father is along the same lines as yours........
    You are young and determined you will have your muscle one day just concentrate on the protien intake in your diet. Carbs actualy help muscle grow also so dont condem them....EAt brotha Eat!!


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    I think their is a point where you have so much muscle mass that you can't take in enough nutrients to maintain it but 175lbs is not it. You have not begun to stretch the limits of your genetic potential.

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    If there is a genetic limit, 175lbs definately isnt it. Keep training hard day in day outand keep force feeding, its the only way to grow.

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