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    Planning my next cycle

    I am cuurently saving up my money for my next cycle. i plan on starting it in january and I want to run it for at leasr 8-10 weeks

    Not sure what i want to take yet, But my goal is to gain about 10 or more lbs of rock soldi mucle. I dont really like the blaoted look.

    I was think og taking either test susp or cypionate with something else. if someone could help me out here that would be great. also had fina on my mind or EQuipoise

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    Do some research on Equipoise and Winny. You'll get quality results from that, assuming that you're already in decent shape.

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    gotta have that test bro. enanthate or cyp would be my choice. eq and dbol also. bloat is just something we all have to deal with to some degree, it serves a purpose though. lubricates the joints, and the added weight is great for strength, which is great for size.

    you can take liquidex or arimidex throughout your cycle to keep the waterr retention away.

    go for a 10 week cycle. 600mgs test per week, eq 400mgs per week, dbol at 40mgs per day for the first 4 weeks.

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    I know i can pick up cypionate and d-bol for sure but not 100% sure about eq could i substute eq with fina

    I pay 200 for a 10 ml bottle of cypionate hoew many bottle will i need and how muc money should i have saved for this cycle

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    Hey Bulldog 20! You pay how much for CYP? Your getting screwed bro! I'd tell your supplier to shove it!

    By the way, how do you like my Avatar?

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    The Iron Game Guest
    Enanthate 500mgs/wk
    Fina 75mgs eod


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    Mike Guest
    I would take IG's suggestion and just throw in proviron

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