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    Anyone with experience w/ Gyno and Nolvadex

    Guys...I've posted a few questions about this, thanks for your answers...

    Need a final piece of advice. I'm mid-cycle, Sust/EQ/Fina and D-bol. Noticed the lump behind the nips, and soreness. I think it's making my pec look a bit pointy--but my friends say I'm full of shi$. (blush)

    I started taking 40mg Nolvadex , increased it to 60mg/d--on it for 1 week now. Still having great workouts, great gains, low water ret. and really cut. BUT, the gyno symptoms still bother me.

    Much of the soreness is gone (almost all of it). Now, I'm wondering how long it may take to see some results on the lumps going down. Anyone have experience with this?

    I appreciate your help guys...thanks again.

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    i had lumps under my nips i started nov at 40 ed i am now on my 6 day the lumps are going down and the sorness is going away...

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