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Thread: deca dick

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    pete675 is offline Junior Member
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    Feb 2003

    deca dick

    My buddy is on an all deca cycle and he says he can't get it up for the life of him. Does this go away on it's own at the end of the cycly?(how long) or do other drugs need to be taken. He does not want to take test.


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    ItalianMuscle27 is offline Senior Member
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    Ya know I hear this alot, Ive taken deca for years and years and I have never experienced this. Maybe its just me or just been lucky. Is that all he is taken? I usually mix it with something like sustenon, or just a straight ester like cyp or eth.. Deca stays in your system for quite awhile after discontinuing using it. Im not sure you mentioned what his goals were, and why is he only using deca?? If he is that concerned about his sex life, I would get some hcg and clomid and discontinue using the deca. I know my sex life is more important than using any kind of drug. Good luck, I hope your boy is going to be ok..

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    If he doesn't want to take test why is he using deca ? I thought I read deca is a form of test?

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    I don't really understand his reasoning behind not wanting to take test since that is the simplest and most beneficial solution? He can try proviron or cilias. Dostinex may help as well. Yes eventually his natural test will resume but I hope he has clomid for recovery.

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    tell him his johnson will come back, if he too ktest he wouldnt be in this dilema

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    Fartdaemon I don't want to give bad advice but nandrolone is a metabolie of testosterone from what I read somewhere I could be wrong and i'm not sure how close to test it is. would be cool to know.

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