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    Questions About How To Find Out If Omnadren 250 Is Fake Help Out

    whats up guys i know theres new omnadren250 out there that is the exact same as SUST 250 but I was lookin at different websites with the boxes and amps trying to find out if there is any things that would stand out on the box or amp that would show it as being fake?

    I know that alot of Fake black market Omnadren is out there and I was just wondering if you guys have any clue on little or big things that stand out on the boxe itself or the amp that would show the juice as being fake please let me know

    Thanks Fellas
    Be Safe

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    i had omnadren once that was underdosed, I was able to tell basically cause it wasnt very effective compared to the times i had taken sust, i came to the conlusion that my omnadren must have been in a batch that was really 100mg enathate amps that were relabeled as omnadren 250, i found this out after taking the omnadren and learned from my batch number that it was an underdosed batch, check you batch number, post pics, and if you cant find out any other info then just try injecting it twice a week for ten weeks and follow your gains

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    Was going to say the same thing....Post some pics

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    what's up guys i was wondering if anybody knows in this omna w/ the batch numbers11202/12-2005exp. and 41002/10-2005exp. are legit the amps look clean but is their any other way to tell

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