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    Help Me Decide....Fina vs. Winny

    Well, I'm coming up on the time where I'll be purchasing the components that will carry me through the final six weeks of my cycle (the last three weeks of the test and eq and then the three week period while waiting for the esters to clear before clomid). The original plan was to utilize winny in this capacity, though I confess to being drawn again and again to fina. I've compiled a list (of sorts) of what I have come to see as the pros and cons of each compound as they apply to me. I'll chronicle them below and then would love to get some feedback as to which I should include.


    *While I don't hate injections, I'm not sure I'd like them ED...winny to the rescue!
    *This is a fairly reliable stand-by for a first time user like myself that isn't notorious for producing nasty sides

    *I am petrified of hair loss, and while I don't know how I'll respond to the winny in that regard, as I understand it there is nothing I can take to mitigate the hair loss caused by winny.
    *My strength has been rising rapidly, and while the joints are okay so far, I have a knee and an elbow that tend to flare up from time to time...I don't need winny exacerbating that little problem.
    *While 50mg tabs are priced fairly reasonably, all other alternatives are, in my experience, not.


    *Uhhh, well, it's we really need another "pro"?
    *okay, one more: quite cost effective

    *As mentioned above, I'm not sure I'd necessarily like the idea of ED injections.
    *I've been told by guys whose opinions I respect that fina is not for first time users.

    Okay, fire away with opinions and feedback, I'd be really interested to hear what you have to say. For anyone wondering stats, profile is complete and cycle diary link at the bottom of my sig should give all the info you'd require...if not, just ask.

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    finna will have less joint pain then winny it is mch cheaper, ED injections do suck, you can have a pretty good cycle EOD injections and mix it with other compounds to dull pain, but since you are using it to cary you to clomid i doubt this would be an option for you. winny you can drink and it is just as effective, i will always choose fina over winny now though because winny tears up my joints way too much that is just my personal oppinion, from this question you will get many personal oppinions that may not suit your body, your best decision will be made from finding out as much info from each and weighting more pros and cons against eachother like you have already started to do, hopefully you will get plenty of responses to contribute to this but in the end the decision will be yours. remember fina can also cause hair loss. for you purposes since you will be useing it as a main function to carry you to clomid i would recomend a low dose of winny drink the liquid or eat the tabs, waht ever is more cost effective, keep the dose low and be ready for side effects, if you react badly then you will no to stop it, but you may be one of the few who wont have any problems from it, i know many of my joint problems stem from playing football for so many years. just keep finding out more though, and go with what you like best

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