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Thread: winny dosage

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    winny dosage

    i just got my winny tabs yesterday. I got 250 10mg pills. I plan to take 50mg a day. How should i split it up i was thinking to take a pill at 8am, 1pm, 5pm, 9pm, and 12pm. I'll be doin 6 weeks work.

    Ne ideas....? thanxs guys
    PS just a small winny only cycle
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    You want to try and keep blood levels constant. Dose the winny twice a day. 25mg in the A.M. and another 25mg in the P.M. The half-life of winny is about 12hrs. I always take one dose about 30min. prior to lifting with a little grapefruit juice and another dose before retiring.

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    dragonslayer has the right idea. i am currently taking 50mg of winny every day. 25 in the am and 25 after dinner with grapefruit juice. you might want to get something for your joints just in case.

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