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Thread: Cutting Cycle

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    Cutting Cycle

    here´s my cutting cycle.....opinions please......

    and yes im not going to use test ( dont like it) -> have my reasons

    Deca 400 1-8 week
    Winstrol 50 eod ( inj) 4-10 week
    Proviron 50mg ed 2-9 week
    Clen /eca 21 days on off
    clomid 11-14 week 100/50/50 mg
    novaldex 11-14 week 10mg day

    im just trying to gains 3/4 kg mass while dropping serioues amont of fat

    cardio a´t 5 times week fr 45 m

    opinions please

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    i dont really like the idea of cutting with deca i never tred that before, it doesnt seem like that bad of an idea, something new maybe, but doesnt seem right to me, everything else seems to be in place correctly so it could work how you have it now i was just wondering what was your reasonging behind choosing deca, i guess it makes sence since sore joints come along with cutting and other cutting drugs the deca would help and it would probably be a good anabolic for preserving muscle, the proviron should keep the libido up, would like to see more oppionons though

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    lol deca for cutting, jokes !!!!

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