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Thread: can i do this?

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    can i do this?

    this is a long time off, i plan on doing this this fall or winter but i was thinking about my next cycle and was wondering if i can run d-bol with fina/prop/? i was wanting to run d-bol at 30mg/day first 4weeks. my question is should i start the fina/prop/ starting at week one or wait until week 5 and end it on week 10? i will have clomid and novla and i will probably take armidex to keep bloat down from the d-bol. i am open to any other suggestions also. add, or subtract things? i want to stay away from deca though. dont want the deca dick!!

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    Whats your goal for this cycle?
    Fina and prop is usually more of a cutting cycle and alot of ppl would run winny w/ this...not d-bol.
    But to answer your ?: You can start everything at week 1.
    Run the fina and prop for 8-10 weeks and the d-bol for the first 4.

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