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Thread: Choice of cycle

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    Question Choice of cycle

    Im thinking of going on a anabolic cycle. I've got a choice between Sustenon and windstrol or deca and windstrol. Which options would you recommend and how long and what should the dosage be?


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    Depends on what your goals are, but if your going to run deca i suggest running it w/ test. You'll also need clomid and anti e's so stick around awhile and do alittle bit more research.
    Another thing..Your only 20yrs old. Maybe u should think about waiting a year or so.

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    Not sure - move a lot.
    I'd recommend you read the educational portion of this site and do as much research as possible.... Personally I would not go with either of those combinations.

    Might try:
    Sust@500mg Week 1-12
    Deca @400mg Week 1-12
    Winny@50 ED Week 10-15
    Clomid Week 15+

    But it all depends on what your goals are..... trust me, do the research.

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