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Thread: 2 mg winni tabs

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    2 mg winni tabs

    Winstrol has to be taken at 50mg/day tab or inject, and if you have 2 mg tabs, how the hell can u take 25 tabs?

    is it gonn fuck ur liver up or is it ok, if u have ala and milk thistle?

    its Neurobol by the way (red capsules)

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    If you have 2mg tabs, taking that many tabs a day is the same as taking 5 tabs of 10mg a day. There is no difference, your liver has to process the same MG as if you were using 50mg tabs. But that is alot of tabs to take a day, but if you take 5 in the morning, 5 at lunch, 5 at dinner etc, that should do the trick. Actually this way you keep blood levels consistant, with these types of dosages. It is much easier than biting a 50mg pill in half. I like the 5mg tabs, cause I can take them during the day at about every 4 hours. If I have the 50mg pills for instance, I bite in half, and I wait 4-6 hours and take the other 25mg, and only get two dosages in my body. Where as with the 5mg or the 2mg., I can keep a steady flow of winny in my system all during the day.

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    Those 2mg tabs are for the females. I got my gf on 6mg ed for 4 weeks. She's making very nice gains.

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    dizzle happy to hear you got your gf on the right stuff! I wish more girls took winny.

    2mg of winny tabs are alright but i think the 10mg tabs are just right.I am splitting my 50mg tabs, 25mg am 25pm

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