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    trenbolone acetate 75mg/ml - how much do i inject?

    I've gotta bottle of trenbolone acetate marked '75mg/ml'. I asked for Parabolan and that's what I recieved instead..I know that for all intents and purposes they're the same but I ain't sure how much to do per hit..

    I'm also considering throwing in some HGH whilst taking the trenbolone to guarantee keeping the bulk gained..not used it before - has anyone had experience of using it without insulin /thyroid hormone?

    Its to be part of a cycle that is as follows
    week 1 & 2 anadrol
    week 3 anadrol/sus
    week 4 sustanon
    week 5 sus/dianabol
    week 6 dianabol
    week 7 dianabol/tren
    week 8 & 9 tren
    come off with hcg /clomid
    bridge with clen til the next one

    Advice appreciated..

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    somewhere in reality

    but with only 9 weeks, is seems like you are trying to throw in too many aas. i do not know that much about anadrol , I would run it like this, if you have enough product...

    week 1-4 dbols and sus
    week 4-6 sus
    week 6-10 sus and fina(tren )
    week 10-12 tren

    keep asking around, but i think that you will get better gains by doing the sus for at least 8 weeks.

    good luck

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