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    Question andro while........

    Is running andro after coming off a cycle during clomid treatment ok?? Will it help me keep some gains or is it pretty much pointless. I took just andro a couple years ago for about 2 months and saw good gains and really liked it. Then I tryed the good shiet and really like it and have been juicing off and on since. I am just about to be done with my clomid treatment and want to throw in a bottle of andro I have laying around. What do you all think?

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    I wouldn't. Depending on the kind of andro it is, it might suppress htpa recovery at a very crucial time, making it pretty much pointless. You could try an OTC booster with Trib and ZMA in the ingredient list... but if you're just coming off give your body a break from the hormones bro.

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    if you are going to take a supplement to ease yourself back into training without juice then i think you should take creatine.

    you can preserve some of the strength gains that will taper off without fucking with any test levels of the body that the andro might wack out.

    besides, since you are just coming off a cycle no prohormone will do shit imo.

    save it for a rainy day in the future because i don't see it doing anything but potentially being a placebo.

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