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Thread: Clen question

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    Clen question

    I'm 5'9, weight like 165 now, just want to lose some more body fat (4% of bodyfat) so I only got moderate amount of clen . Use to weight like 178 but odyfat was like around 16%. Now I've been cutting for a while now, and my bodyfat went down to like around 13-14%. So I just want to lose those extra fat while keeping my mass.

    Should I take clen all at once or space it out through out the day (before 3 pm) ? and could I take clen before the morning cardio or after? since clen is anti-catabolic, I assume I won't lose muslce mass while on clen if I keep up with my diet and do the right amount of cardio and up my protein and glutamine intakes?

    I know that people prefer to take an eca stack after the first 2 weeks but I've been taking xenadrine for a while now so my question is should I take an eca stack after the first 2 weeks? could I take something like prohormone to increase/maintain my muscle mass while on clen? I don't do any AS bc the price.

    I searched for these questions but not many were answered/showed up so thats why I'm asking these questions.

    Anyways, thanks for the advice in advance.

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    space it out throughout the day before 3pm is fine, you can take some as soon as you wake up before your morning carido the half life is fairly long compared to that of the common ECA stack that i feel is more stable then the energy from eca stack and you will still be functional durring your cardio for this reason though it doesnt give as much as an initial jolt as ECA, i like to take NYC stack when coming off of clen instead of tapering off, i feel NYC stack is better stimulant and appetite supressant, i wouldnt mess with prohormones at all, their are too many estrogen related side effects from them, if youve used them before with littel to no side effects and are aware of the bennefits to risk then by all means use them again, but i think I as well as a majority of the population get more side effects then bennefits from prohormones and i would recomend a steroid instead. anavar would be good to take along with the clen and for a short time folowing if you keep your doseages low enough and for short enough period of time to not supress natural test levels or just get clomid to come off with but isnt as necasary if done correctly it would just be as a caution and better to have to be on the safe side, i would personaly rather spend the few extra bucks if it is gonna bennefit my body better after all i only have one body for my whole life i cant trade it in for a new one so i would recomend something like this

    clen first 21 days, taper up to tolerence then maintain that dose
    T3 first 28 days taper up then back down
    anavar first 28 days, about 20-30mg per day
    clomid days 29-50
    NYC stack days 29-50

    that should get your real shredded with the proper diet and cardio lifting regimine, keep heart rate elevate durring your workouts, proper hydration is important, bust your @ss on the track and on the weights, eat 6 small meals per day, clean diet in 6 to 8 small to very small meals per day

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