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    AS vs Drugs vs Alcohol

    This question has been bugging me for sometime now and I would like to hear some responses. I will use myself as an example... having 2 beers a month is hardly ever heard of for me and I do not use drugs or smoke. So my question is this.... alcohol is hard on your body and for the guys who drink a case a week and who smoke weed/tabacco what is the equivelent to AS?? I have done some cycles before and I am on one now (2 amps of sus with dbol a week, I am also 20) What in your opinion is worse for your body to handle?? I hear all the time not to do AS when you are young but is there a major difference when the young guys or anyone for that matter who just sit at home and smoke up or take E or who drink like crazy. The AS guys atleats workout there body and eat properly. OK well I am done rambling if anyone can understand this I would really appreciate your knowledge!!!!

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    A little bit of alcohol is supposed to be good for you. I feel that it's the same with AS.

    A lot of either can cause you some undersirable side effects. Too much test has the same effect as too many beers ... you could end up waking up next to an ugly chick.

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    LMAO! Well said demetri!!

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    Originally posted by demetri
    Too much test has the same effect as too many beers ... you could end up waking up next to an ugly chick.
    A-men bro...

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