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    I'm hurt need some advice please.

    Hello bros, I'm hurt and need some advice. I finally come to the conclusion that my body will never heal if I keep lifting on injuries so I've decided to take time off from my upper body. Injuries are both shoulders feel shot and burn, and on the right upper part of shoulder the ac joint is torn apart from my clavicle(aka, collar bone), and my elbows have a wierd pull feeling from wrist to the elbow, dr. said it wasn't tennis elbow and wasn't sure but it hurts even when I wipe or wash my ass when the slightest pressure is applied, but it hurts like hell mainly when I use straight or easy bar when curling or preacher curls. He told me that torn ac from clavicle was cause by heavy stress from benching.I recently got to 405 natural I pushed myself alittle to hard to fast I think. Any ways I havent ever cycled and was going to do a deca /test stack in couple months and hope this heals by then. I'm going to be doing cardio and lower body and stomach until my upper body parts heal up and will take some vioxx. My question is how should I keep my calories to where I will lose little muscle and strength as possible at the same time enough to gain in leg muscles and still lose some body fat from cardio. I really hate the sound of time off and rest and stuff but I have no choice because I kept telling myself I'm strong I can deal with the pain, until dr said I will need surgry on the shoulders especially the ac joint clavicle tear if I kept it up. Thx

    boy im depressed

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    Yeah, injuries are depressing, especially if you feel you are making some progress at the time. It sounds to me like the injuries that you have will take a while to heal, and not just a month or two. It suck, I know, but these things take time. Keeping your diet the way it is now should be fine if you plan on continuing to work your lower body and doing some cardio. Hold off on the cycle until you are SURE that your body is healed, as the strength you will get from AS will complicate your injuries if not. Good luck.


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    hey bro an ac joint is more than a couple months and when you do get back i wouldn't jump right on gear or you will hurt yourself all over again.

    trust me i am living with my mistake of not letting my ribs heal and i know i could have been about 10lb heavier and look alot better if i let them heal.

    the gear will be there just take care of yourself.

    i am not that good at the diet part. maybe hit swole up as i know he makes diets for special needs.

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