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    nolva, clomid, possibly hcg

    i just received my nolvadex and clomid shipments,i have 30/10mg tabs of nolvadex (getting more any day now) so i dont have to worry bout that, but the clomid im afraid i ordered to little, 10/50mg tabs. How should i administer to maximize their effects? Im trying to boost test levels that went down and also get rid of some gyno that developed. ALSO, i ordered hcg and should be arriving shortly. Do i need to use it, or should i just pass it on to a dude that really needs it?

    much appreciated

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    Hey if you only have 10 tabs of clomid then I wouldn't get rid of the HCG . 10 clomids isn't enough you need atleast 24, so you'll have to use the HCG in it's place but definetly use both.
    About your gyno...If you have full blown gyno then nolvedex isn't going to do anything if you already got it. You needed to start taking it when symtoms started occuring. Probably in your best interest to see a Dr.

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