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    Winny at the beginning AND the end?

    What's up guys...

    Just curious...Got all the gear I need, however I have to go out of town on Friday for a week and I can't really start my cycle until I get back which SUCKS cause summer's around the corner! The cycle is your basic

    500 m/g enth every week 1-10
    400 m/g EQ EW 1-10
    40 mg Winstrol ED wks 7-12

    My question is, I have plenty of extra Winny (in tab form)...would there be ANY benefit to starting the winny for a week before (wk 1 would be pre inect-test while Im out of town) and THEN start the ACTUAL cycle when I get back into town? There is going to be a gym at the hotel Im staying at. Basically something like this..

    40 mg winny ed weeks 1-3
    500 mg test enth weeks 2-11
    400 mg eq weeks 2-11
    40 mg winny ed weeks 8-13

    Sounds like a waste of time and gear, but lemme know!

    Thx in advance


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    I wouldn't start your cycle off with Winny. Winny is used at the end of your cycle to keep your gains. It doesn't make sense to only use it for 3 weeks in the beginning. Save it for another cycle.

    Also, get some for advise from some bro's on the board, but I'm not sure if I would start it in week 7. I'd wait more towards the end.
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    I wouldn't kick off the cycle w/ winny either. Run it like you have it starting @ week 7 but up the mg's to 50 since u have alot extra.

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