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    Lightbulb win and masteron

    I was thinking of running a win/ masteron cycle. Has anyone had any luck with this. I am looking to harden up and lean down. I have the win but the masteron seems to be difficult to find. Any body seem to knopw anything about where it can be found. Also i hear you should only run masteron for 4 weeks, is this true? any help would be great.

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    BRO, never ask for a source. You setting yourself up for trouble. Read the rules!!!!

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    IMO when masteron was in production it was, by far one of the best, if not thee best anabolic on the market. No aromitization, no stress on the liver, made you hard as hell, strength increases are awesome, burns fat, the gains are near permanent and its out of your system in as little as two wks. Its very hard to find REAL masteron bro. I never heard of only cycling it for 4 wks. I always thought that you could cycle masteron for a min. of 10 wks at 100mg/EOD.

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    first off read the fuckin rules !its common sense !!!!!!!second oldragonsslayer ,yes the syntex masteron is not beeing made anymore for the longets time ,but there are atleast 4 new labs that are manufaturing it and are very good ,i would go as far as beeing the best anabolic ,it reminds me of a weker tren ,.howevrt it is DHT derivative making it vey hard on the hairline ,and there are no studies whatsover that that or fina of winny actually burn fat ,its all ur diet ,misconseption ur body needs more fule when ON so it resides sometmes on stored fat .

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    add test

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