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    Not sure - move a lot.

    Fina/Prop - ED or EOD...major diff?

    I'm prep'n up for my next cycle which will consist of

    1-8 Fina@75mg ED
    1-8 Prop@100mg ED
    7-12 Winny@50mg ED
    liqdex@.5mg ED
    12+ Clomid

    I've debated the length of this cycle but feel since it's only my 2nd one and the first time I've ever used Fina - 8 weeks seems to be what most bro's recommend.

    My question is: Have any of you noticed a difference between doing 75mg ED or 150mg EOD? I'd like to change things up so that they were:

    1-8 Fina@105mg EOD
    1-8 Prop@200mg EOD
    liqdex@.5mg ED
    7-12 Winny@50mg ED

    I don't want to miss out on some gains I could get - just look'n to reduce injects where possible. I'll already be spot injecting (to reduce scar tissue) so that's not really the issue....

    Appreciate any input you guys can offer!!

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    I'm coming off that same cycle. But I did ed injections w/ the fina and eod injections w/ Prop. And ed of winny.
    My friend also did the same cycle but he did eod injections with both fina & prop. And ed of winny.
    Both of our weights went up considerably, both of us leaned up well (although his bf was lower then mine to start with) so my 2.0 would be there's not much of a difference.
    If you can handle the ed injections then go with that since that would be best to keep your blood levels consistant.
    Any questions about this cycle you can PM me.
    P.S. Your gonna love this cycle :-)

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