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    Something has been eating away at me I need to get off my chest

    Well bros here it is I only have 2 cycles under my belt.
    I have been thinking of possable kidney damage while
    using AS. My father has a brother that has kidney Disease
    I was just wondering is there a chance I might be prone
    to such life compromising conditions???
    I have always had blood work done before a cycle and a few weeks
    after to make sure everything was up to par everything was always normal.
    SO I have just been thiniking about this lately.

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    I don't think any gear will affect your kidneys negatively. Stay away from fina though because even though it's never been proven to cause kidney damage you should try to be safe.

    Since kidney disease seems to run in your family you may want to stop gear entirely because of even the remote chance that it may make you more at risk for the disease.

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    I'd ask your Dr what the possiblity is of you have kidney problems. Tell him you eat a high protein diet(I assume you do) because you workout. That your family history has you concernd. If you want to tell him about the gear that's up to you, you know him better then me.


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