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    infar sus fakes in canada

    has anybody seen any infar indian sus fakes in Canada? they're the amps with the white label with '250' in the background in green. I just switched from cyctahohs to these and the cycs hurt like a bitch...

    these i dont feel at all. my left ass cheek is still sore from saturday's cyctahoh injection while my right one is perfect after monday's injection with the new sus. the label looks legit but I am suspicious since cyctahohs and these are supposed to be exactly the same thing, except with one being exported to russia with different labeling.

    I'll post pics later in the appropriate forum. any thoughts?

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    hey bro.. can u please post the batch number for your cyctahohs?? i hope u still have them. and the new sustanons with the 250 in the back ground are fake for sure. sorry bro. they are faking those like a motherfucker here in canada and i think ur lucky your cyctahos were legit. mine were fake. i would appriciate it if u would post your cyctahoh batch number and expiery dates for me or even pm me. coz i want to check if ur batch numbers are the same as mine. im not realy sure if mine are fake but i suspect they are. anyways. take those new sustanon back to where u got em from and get ur $ back.

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    Hey bro,

    Sounds like you got fucked with the same ones that got me a while back. Mine were about as phonie as Pam Anderson's rack. Just chalk it up as a bad experience and move on! We should string up the joker who is making fake gear, screwing with a dude's gains.

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