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    Winny, T-3, Clen, and ATKINS??

    I'm going to be doing a cycle of winny, clen , and t-3. Would the atkins diet yield good results with this cycle? Or do I need some carbs?

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    did the atkins last time with winny and primo got good results. if i could turn back time id add some anadrol to help my muscles look full. i learned this trick from a moderator here on ar forgot his name. yes both are 17 aa just take a liver protectant and u will be fine. and keep ur abomb doses mild. another thing clen does not work well with the atkins diet so it would be wise if u switch to eca since it controls ur carb cravings and ur apetite. im no expert on clen but i know for a fact that it does not help with atkins. just my 2 cents

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    i disagree...clen limits my appetite more than an ECA does, and i also got better results when i consumed lower amounts of carbs with clen than an ECA.

    ECA/NYC makes me jittery and hungry all day while the clen seems to suppress my appetite when i eat protein and fat.

    maybe i am just special like that if it does the opposite for you, joe_capone.

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    hey joe capone how much anadrol are you talking per day and how long did you take it??

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