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    Question eq/winny cycle ...sust ?

    Hey guys.It goes like this.I'm 1.90 metres tall,104 kilos,22 years old,been trainig for 7 years,body fat around 14%.My next cutting cycle ( i already have the gear ) will be eq 400 mg´s week for ten weeks plus winny last 4 weeks every day ( 50 mg day),proviron and clomid. First : what results will i see with this ? Also,i was thinking on adding sust to my cycle,but i want to keep the water retention low,and improve my definition and muscle hardness above i really add sust to my cycle ? if yes, how much ? Appreciate your opinion on this.Thanx

    (i´m also dieting hard,taking xenadrine ephedra free and doing 30 mnts cardio 5 days/week)

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    Sus will bloat you a bit so if your just looking for lean, hard, vasclular gains then stick w/ Eq/Winny. If you do decide to add it you could always run armidex or liqdex to keep the bloat off.
    Might wanna extend the winny to 6 weeks> Run it 3 weeks past the last shot of Eq. That way u can go straight into clomid.

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    everything mbaraso said plus do eq for 12 weeks it seems to take 4-5 weeks to start working in peoples system

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    wrong. use the test. you want to have some test in your sytem. At absolute minimum use 250mg/wk

    500mg/wk is nice to see gains off. run a good anti-e with and you will get no bloat. 50mg proviron may be enough for you. it varies.

    wks 1-10 500mg sust
    wks 1-10 400mg EQ
    wks 10-13 50mg winny ED

    Start clomid beggining of wk 14.

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