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Thread: Mag 10 ???

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    Exclamation Mag 10 ???

    so a friend of mine says he has been takin MAG10 some new legal roid. and he says in 2 weeks his arms grew over an inch and his bench rep. went from 185 to 225 for his reps!!!!!!!!!! he does look bigger but has anyone ever tried this stuff or do you think he is secretly useing A/S? the MAG 10 sells for about 100 bucks for 2 weeks on the net. they say 2 weeks on then 2 off then 2 on for full results? just wonderin i guess?

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    garbage IMO.
    Even if he was taking roids his arms aren't going to grow over an inch in 2 weeks time, no matter what kind of AS he's on.
    Sorry to say but you friend is full of shit.

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