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Thread: What to do

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    What to do

    I have this friend who apparently doesn't understand how much trouble you can get in if you get caught w/ AS, especially if you're an athlete. Well the other night heis sitting at this bar with some of his friends and alot of girls around him and the first thing he says after how are you doing is, "What are you shooting?, I started my cycle yesterday." I didn't reply b/c I was so pissed off. I've tried to tell him he needs to keep his mouth shut about it, but he likes to talk about it openly in front of people he doesn't know and that I don't know. What do I do? I thought about just knocking the sh!t out of him, but I don't think that will work. Anyone have an experience like this?

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    If you already told him not to mention I'd remind him strongly. I really doubt your gonna get busted in a bar with your bro but he should respect the fact that you want it on the down. If he keeps it up and it really bothers you I wouldn't kick it with him anymore.

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    With some people I don't have a problem talking about juice, but with most people, who really don't know what they are talking about to begin with, I hate it. (I started to reply to this thread, but got carried away and decided to start a new one, but here was the jist of my reply.)
    I have a friend who continuously states to whoever will listen that "I'm gonna start taking winny. I'm gonna get huge!" When I hear shit like this, I usually just walk away and act like I don't really know what he's talking about. My point is, if you knew enough about gear to talk about it with me, you wouldn't do it around other people who don't.


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