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Thread: why not?

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    why not?

    well i c all of you feel that i am to young but this is my choice and i will b 18 and like one of u said u were 18 when u did it but u regret it wut do u regret about it ? but im still to b taking my cycle of test prop finnaject and winny i do understand the seriousness of this but its my choice and i got refreded to this website by a friend and i was just hoping that some of you could tell me wut else would go good with that cycle thanx for looking out for me and all but hey steriods r steriods no matter what age even if they r ganna effect me more cuz im younger they r ganna have side effects no matter what age u r wether they are alot or alittle. so i would appricate if you guys could help me out and tell me wut else would go good with that once again thanx for the warnings and advice but like i said in the end wether its a dumb move or not im still gong to b taking it so thanx for your help.
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    well, nothing can change your mind but if you did a cycle of test fina and winny for your 1st cycle and your body doesn't change then you're doing something very VERY wrong.

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    Yeah there's gonna be side effects no matter what age your at but at your age the chances of you getting fucked up are alot greater.
    Your endocrine system isn't even fully devolped yet, growth plates are still open, and your test levels are thru the roof. Why the hell would u wanna shut down your natural test when it's at such a high level just to syntheticly supplement that with steriods ?
    And also you said you wanna gain alot of mass right? Well the 3 steriods your thinking about taking is more of a cut cycle, so right then and there it tells me you haven't even researched different types of steriods to know enough that these 3 aren't your mass building agents that your looking for.
    This is all I'll say on this matter cuz your gonna do what u wanna do anyway but I'll tell you that if you decide to take AS then I urge u to really read up on all the different types of drugs and what they'll do.
    Make sure you understand what to do during a cycle and what to do post cycle.

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    well im not lookin for the bloaded look im lookin for like the lean look and thats why im ganna do this cycle i just wanted ur opinions on what to add to it to get more mass wether it was d bol or deca becuse i know i wouldnt have the bloated look if i added one of those becuse my cycle is more of a cutting cycle rather then a bloading cycle. so basically im just looking for alittle help on what else to take with testprop finnaject and winny that would bulk me up (i heard dbol or deca300 is good) so once again thanx and please get back at me.
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    If those are your goals (a little lean mass) then you don't need to take AS. You can do that through diet, training, and cardio. You have all the gear you need inside you.

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    Since you seem so ignorant and stubborn about this here is my advice.


    They will pretty much guarantee your endocrine system malfunctioning and your age. Like all the other posts on here - your test levels are so high right now, you won't be adding any more - you will only be shutting down your natural test levels and replacing it with a synthetic version of what's already there. Won't be much difference, other than you will do some serious damage to your natural test production once you are off.

    If you are absolutely going to do a cycle, do one that won't directly kill your natural test levels such as what you were planning on doing - try looking into Anavar . I've read that it was used for growth in younger persons with a growth deficiency, not sure how true that is - but it is probably the safest thing out there for your age. I know a few people that took winny in highschool, when they were around 16/17 and they are about 35 now - they don't regret it only becuase they only took it for 5 or 6 weeks and took very small amounts of it ( about 10mg a day ). They got fair gains. So either winny or anavar at your age would be your best choices as far as I've read and learned through some friends.

    I do also know another guy that took some things in highschool, he regrets it now - he is about 30 and has a test level of 6? Can't have sex without taking test regularly and needs viagra every time he tries. He says it's the most rediculous thing for just a year or two experimentation in highschool.

    Anyway, like you will find everywhere else on this forum, under hundreds of posts about young kids taking juice - there will be horrible negative side effects, so you seemingly don't care, and judging by the way you wrote up your post you sound like you are 14, not 18. My top suggestion is wait a few years... why kill your body early? Is it really worth it?

    This post is just my opinion, based on what I've read and learned through other people's experience. It is YOUR choice to do this, just remember... if you have problems in 20 years, remember how we all said it was a bad idea... and how right we were.

    Good Luck Anyway.


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