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Thread: Gard TTS 150?

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    Arrow Gard TTS 150?

    Hi everyone.

    I'm new to this board, but I see alot of old faces from CJM. I was wondering if any one has tried Gard tts 150? I heard it's from England. Has anybody tried it yet? And what where your results?


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    mmm GARD, I did not try it yet, but i'm holding one bottle of tts-150 and one epc-400 in my hands as we speek!
    TTS-150=50mg stanazolol/50mg testosterone usp/ and 50mg trenbolone acetate PER CC!! 20ml looks delicieus!(sp)
    The other bottle that i'm holding is:EPC-400=200mg cypionate / 100mg enanthate / 100mg propionate PER CC!! this one should be good for my winter bulk cycle!
    Got to love combos in one bottle, saves a fiew pricks from being a pin cushin!lol

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