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Thread: 1st cycle?

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    1st cycle?

    Hey guys, its been awhile since I have been able to come onto the board and chat with you guys, still doing my homework and research though. After lots of chats on here and lots of searching different sites and talking to different people I think I have my final cycle just have a few questions left. For those of you who don't know my stats and goals: 5'8 1/2", 213lbs, ~16% bf (maybe a bit lower), been training hard for 2 years, 22 years old, proper diet and strong training program. I am looking for around 20 pounds give or take a few and I want to keep most of it on. I am a first time user and here is what everyone seems to have pointed me to:

    weeks 1-10 - 300mg/week deca (tokyo labs)
    weeks 1-10 - 300mg/week test enth (valopharm)
    nolvadex on hand
    clomid therapy three weeks after last deca injection and run it for four weeks.

    I have done my homework on this and think it should be okay. Most of you will say to run the test at a higher dose, but I want to try to take it easy and keep it simple for my first cycle so that is why I choose only 300/week. My questions now are: some people have told me to run Nolvadex throughout my cycle, but is this necessary and won't it affect my gains? Second I haven't been able to find the proper doses for the clomid therapy I understand it is supposed to be three weeks after my last deca shot and run for four weeks but at what dose? Is 300 day 1, 200 day two, 100 for 7 days, and then 50 for 19 days optimal or is that not even close. I have not been able to find this in any of my searches. Any help or comments would be awesome. Thanks guys.

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    Up your test higher than the deca , at least 1.5x

    You wont..fine drop the deca all together..but..thats not much of a cycle

    You dont need deca anyways on a first cycle, thats way over kill..dint you say you wanted to take it easy and keep it simple

    Nolva does not inhibit. oooold myth.

    300mg day 1, 100mg for 10 days, 50mg for 10 days

    If you didnt find that in a search, you just didnt try. I alone have posted this at least 10x today.

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    Drop the deca and go 400-500mg of test a week. You don't need more then that, on your first cycle you have virgin receptors. You do more then your receptors can handle, the chances of it converting to a side effect are high.


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