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    Question Prop/Eq/Dbol Cycle Help

    This is going to be my 2nd cycle even though my first one was a short Decca Winni one, and I was too young. Now I'm 21, 5'7", 160, 12%bf.
    I want to use Prop and Eq but I don't think I'll get the size I want, so I'm gonna throw some Naps(Dbol ) in in the last. six weeks if I'm not where I want to be at that time (it's a last resort). My cycle will go like this:

    600mg Eq/week:weeks 1-12 I don't know if I should front load it
    75mg Prop/ed:weeks 5-14
    20mg dbol/ed:weeks 7-14
    Clomid and HCG following

    Does this all sound right?????

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    If you decide to frontload the EQ, shoot 1200mg only on the first day. No need to do it for 1 or 2 wks. Instead of d-bol I'd opt for tren at 75mg/ed wks 7-14. Your injecting ED anyways so just mix it in the same syringe. Most of your gains off d-bol is water and what you do achieve are not very retainable. Tren will give you great strength gains and mass and may burn a little extra BF.

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