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    want to cut fat and add muscle.. i need help

    What would be the best steroid to use to cut fat and add muscle and not much bulk out of winny, eq, anavar , masteron , or primo consider the prices along with it. Im thinking of cycling eq only to replace some fat with muscle because im ok with my size and strength. i am not really a rookie to the gym because i use to play baseball in highschool and college. Also i have a verry hard time getting rid of the fat in the stomach area. What would be the best one of those 4 steroids i listed above to reach my goals? I am only wanting to cycle one steroid at a time and no stack. im 22 6'0 195 lbs with not much definition which is what im looking to get. Consider price and availabity...

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    i have to say that i feel cardio and diet are what you need. What kind of lifting split are you doing?

    have you been lifting weights long?

    I know you are wanting juice advice, but results do not come out of a syringe.

    Keep safe, grow healthy, live forever!


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    Totally agree..You just need a good diet regimen and do some cardio, and you should be fine. Your a tad too young to be running AS anyways, IMO! I think it would be a waste anyways just to run one AS. Stacking a few have been proven and work.

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    Not sure - move a lot.
    If/When you decide to add AS to your routine I'd probably go with the classic Prop/Fina cycle... seems to be the hottest thing going now for cutting fat and getting lean.

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    var is the only thing i would do without test and i wouldnt really bother with primo except maybe a bridge if i got some powder and made it myself.

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