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    any firefighters on here please help i have a huge question for u guys!!!!

    can some of u firefighters that use this site please help me with a question i have regarding my future of becoming a firefighter while on steroids or having taken them. I really need ur help on this one so please private message me if u dont want it public or just write it on this site.i would ask my own dad who is a firefighter but he would be pissed off because hes all natural. SO please help!! I was wondering if taking steroids would affect myself getting a job as a firefighter. I know about the drug tests and all that but as for the lie detector tests i dunno. so can someone please help me out with this one. very important

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    When I was hired a lie detector test was not part of the hiring process. I don't know of any departments that give polygraphs.

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    I never had to take a polygraph only a drug test. They dont test for steroids . As far as the polygraph goes many larger dept. require them. A friend tested for a job in orlando and was polygraphed twice he said he lied about weed and if he would rat out a fellow firefighter. He got the job. I think its more of a judge of character.

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