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    Post cycle question/idea...

    I am currenty on a test enath 500 mg/week, eq 400 mg/week cycle along with femara every third day. I plan on taking these for 10 weeks then beginning clomid and nolva theropy 3 weeks after. I was thinking about getting some primo (which the kind I get is real) and running that after the 10 weeks so that I lean up a little and dont lose any of my gains. Or I was just going to extend my eq for another 5 weeks at 400 mg a week. So, I would be taking clomid, nolva, and eq or primo for my post cycle. What do you guys think? And 1 more question, When should I run the nolva? Should it be 3 weeks after my last injection like the clomid, or right when my test is done?

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    my suggestion would be to follow your own advice of extending the EQ to 15 weeks instead of adding in primo, which won't do much for you anyway after a cycle like this.

    you can run nolva throughout the entire cycle or begin it whenever you want to post cycle. no need to wait 3 weeks as it will actually help get you on track quicker the sooner you administer it.

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    taking eq or primo during recovery will in fact defeat the purpose

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    I agree... you will just have to star the process over again once you finish your EQ. You should look into some clen or something for post cycle.

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