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Thread: Combo question

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    Combo question

    240 lbs/ 6'2". 10% bodyfat. Do you think it would be wise to stack test 400, deca -durabolin , and equpoise? Or should test 400 be started for a few weeks and then start deca, equipoise . or is it even a good idea to stack deca,equipoise with test 400? I respond extremely well and do not lose hardly anything mass wise.

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    All of which you have stated are long acting esters which means you need to start them at the same time. On another note please post this in the right forum

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    well I dont know your cycle experience or what kinda doses you like so ill just guess lol

    800 test
    300 deca
    600 eq

    ive ran one like that. actually it had 700 tren in too. it was great. deca and eq go nice together.

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