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    12 week Primo stack

    I'm currently doing Clomid pct and during the and depressed state, was trying to plan out my next cycle in Sept.

    Thing is, after a recent holiday in Thailand I have been able to get my grubby little hands on 40 amps of "legit" Primo and some Winny.

    I was going to run:

    1-12 300mgs Primo/wk
    6-12 50mgs Winny EOD

    However, I also have enough Sustanon for 8 weeks at 750mgs.

    I was thinking:

    1-8 750mgs Sustanon/wk
    1-12 300mgs Primo/wk
    6-12 50mgs Winny EOD


    21 day Sustanon cycle
    1-12 300mgs Primo
    6-12 50mgs Winny EOD

    Has anyone done similar by combining the Sustanon with Primo? One doesn't hear too many stories of these two combined. Just interested.

    Input would be most welcome.

    Cheers guys

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    I would rather do

    wks 1-2 750 Sust
    wks 3-10 500 Sust (or 750 the whole time if you get more)
    wks 1-10 400mg Primo
    wks 7-13 25mg Winny ED (or 50 ED if you get more)


    wks 1-12 500 Sust
    wks 1-13 300mg Primo
    wks 9-15 25mg Winny ED

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