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    Lost in Winny Land! Help

    I decided to research winny in as much detail as possible tonight and have come up with some questions I can't seem to answer with the search button. The most common debates seem to be over pills vs injectables and whether or not drinking them is as beneficial. The overall consensus seems to be that at a regular dosage of 50mg ED for 6 weeks results from tabs are almost, if not exactly, as good as injecting though they might be slighly harder on the liver. The average price per 50mg zambon seems to be around $10 (which is what I can get it for) and around $1 per 50mg tablet (my source does not have them). My major question is why on earth would anyone opt for the injectables over the tabs if any of these facts were true? Am I missing something?

    6 weeks injecting 50mg ED: 6 x7= 42 days x $10= $420
    6 weeks 1 50mg Tablet ED: 6 x7= 42 days x $1 = $42

    I kick off my bulking cycle in the morning and am considering adding 50mg winny ED for the 6 weeks prior to my clomid therapy at the conclusion of my cycle but only if the price is right. I can also get 50mg/20ml vial winstrol depot for $110. Are zambons different? what makes them so much more expensive?


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    Ya.... Zambon Vs I_P shit is like Day VS Night.

    Zambons are probally the best quality you can get. Id put I-P on the opposite side of that spectrum.

    Id go for the "50mg/20ml vial winstrol depot for $110" that you mentioned if were to actually run it. Or find BD or CK tabs. They are decent priced if you can find them.

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    if you want a relatively cheap brand of stanz that works well try to get ahold of QV stanz 100/20ml..100mg/ml means only .5 of a ml necessary every day, obviously.

    you can run one 20ml bottle for 40 days @ 50mg which is just shy of 6 weeks.

    a bottle should cost you no more than $225-275, so try to look into that if possible if you want to save some cash.

    btw, the zambons are worth every penny. the fuel analogy applies here...its like low octane unleaded fuel vs. high can fill your sports car with low grade shit and it will go, but performance will be so much better with the premium fuel.

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    I agree that Zambons are better then a 50mg pill but not by much IMO.
    And they're definetly not that much better that I would pay $420 for a cycle of em.

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